Big update! Email provider, logging, and more.

Screenshots that show features included with Enveloop and settings for adding webhooks.
There are big changes to Enveloop, including becoming a full email provider, powerful logging, webhooks, and even more control of dynamic content!

The team has been hard at work through the first of the year and now we have exciting changes to talk about in this update! I will keep it brief, but will be following up with more detail about this exciting release in upcoming posts – be on the lookout for it!

Before we dive in, a quick note that we have Launched on Product Hunt! 🥳 We'd love for you to visit right quick and give us some upvote love. Appreciate your help!

(If you don't happen to do this already, Product Hunt is great daily stop to see all the fun/amazing tools being built by developers around the world!)

Ok, let's dive in!

We've received lots of great feedback and have added in some powerful new features that are available right now. These include:

Enveloop is now a full email provider

Normally, our users would need to configure a third-party sender, but many of our customers were looking for a full end-to-end experience that would allow them to migrate away from older providers. We've added it!

Completely re-imagined logs & monitoring

Let's face it, most logging in existing email providers is painful to use. So, we spent time re-imagining it. We've made it super-responsive, full of powerful live-filtering, and let you quickly see all the details you need.


Releasing a powerful way to wrangle mustache to iterate content via data tables was a big step forward for dynamic content in emails. Now, you can do it with any content, in any section, in both emails and text.

Flexible Webhooks

Customers now have full access to customizable webhooks, allowing them to connect numerous services, internal & external, to messaging events. Add as many as you need, all with a simple UI!

The team is so excited about these new capabilities and we can't wait to see what all you do with them! More detail soon!

As always, it's completely free to get started with Enveloop. Start the new year with less cruft in your app while empowering your team to have greater control over the valuable messaging you send your customers!

Happy Sending!