Introducing Enveloop Logging: Transforming Email and Text Message Tracking

An illustrated screenshot of the interface for message logging in Enveloop. It has multiple columns and a list of messages.
Elevate your email and text messaging insights with Enveloop Logging.
Enveloop is a developer-focused message builder and API that makes it easy to design & send beautiful emails and texts from your app using one simple implementation. You can sign up for free at:

Historically, using other email sending tools, both small and large providers, we always experienced difficulty (ok, pain) finding the information that we needed. To us, it seemed as though the built-in logging that was an after-thought. This is a big deal.

Ok, so why is it a big deal? You, as a developer, can send messages, but once they are in the wild, in the hands of your users, you need to have confidence in what your users received and you need to have as much useful information in your hands when supporting your users. Traditional email sending tools do not offer what you need.

So, when building Enveloop, we wanted to re-imagine how email and text message logging could be built when efficiency & speed-to-answer was the primary focus.

Introducing: Enveloop Message Logging. Simply put, it's the best message logging system for email and text providers on the market. We put a lot of effort into making it not only enjoyable to use, but as fast, responsive, and efficient as possible.

Here are highlights of the core features we included:

Live / Paused Logging

As you are watching message logs, all events show live: new messages being sent, message statuses changing, events happening. Plus, as you scroll, the logging can be paused while you look for a specific message. This way, you are not having results move around as you diagnose an issue.


Easily transition from live logging to paused and back to live again.

Ready to resume? Simply click to the Resume button to return to live logging.

Along with the live or paused logging, we've included infinite scrolling. Clicking through page after page of pagination is slow drudgery. Along with powerful filtering, which we discuss next, you can quickly scroll to what you are looking for in the logs.

All the Filters

We make it as easy as possible to visually scan logs and find messages that you want to focus on. However, filtering is still a highly important tool for limiting all your messages to a manageable set.


Use filtering for both live and paused message logs!

For all the various properties of the messages you have, you can quickly filter log entries, both with live and paused log views. Filter logging based on:

  • Message Type
  • Message Status (queued, sent, failed, etc.)
  • Date & Date Range
  • Actions (open, clicked, etc.)
  • Who it was sent to
  • Who it was sent from
  • Message Template used

Event Tracking

Enveloop Logging provides easily-scannable visuals for various event tracking in the messages that you send -- letting you determine if a message has been queued, successfully sent, and delivered.

Along with sending events, you can see user interactions with messages as well -- if a message has been opened, clicked, or hasn't been viewed yet.

Message Timeline and Responses

When you want to view more detail on a specific message, you can select it and an array of information will be provided to you, including the timeline of all events for the message and all responses in JSON format.

As you select each segment of the timeline, you can dig into detailed message responses.

Rendered Customer View

Often, as you are supporting your customers, what you need to see is "How did this message look to the person I am helping?"

Enveloop makes that part easy. For all the messages that you send, you can easily see the rendered version of the message that was sent to a specific recipient. This lets you know if an email or text was sent correctly and allows you to reference specific areas of the message when providing support to your users/customers.

A view of the customer's view of a rendered email message.

Too, we include a Plain Text view of the message as well.

Variable Payloads

Along with a rendered customer view, you can also quickly view the data payload, in JSON format, that was sent to the Enveloop API when you made your original message call. This allows you to confirm data outside of all the content and design of a message.

Enveloop makes it easy to see all the dynamic data your application sent to the API for a given email or text message.

That's Enveloop Logging. We're excited about how it all turned out and, from feedback we've already received, are convinced it is a powerful tool for you to add to your sending capabilities. Look – sending a message is easy. Giving you the tools to view all the information and events around that message once it is sent is the real challenge.

Enveloop Logging solves this. Looking forward to you using it!

Try Enveloop!

Enveloop is free to get started and you can build out and send you first template in under 5 minutes! Storing all your message code, design, and provider integrations in your app is an anti-pattern. Enveloop helps you send better messages and allows you to easily delegate messaging to others on your team!