Using TextGrid with Enveloop

Two logos, one of Enveloop and one of TextGrid on a black background.
Announcing support for TextGrid on Enveloop!

Developers can now send text (SMS/MMS) messages, via TextGrid, using Enveloop templates and the Enveloop API!

Enveloop is a developer-focused message builder and API that makes it easy to design & send beautiful emails and texts from your app using one simple implementation. You can sign up for free at:

While it can seem that much of the world sends text messages via Twilio, there are really nice, and often less expensive, alternatives that could work better for startups. One of the ones we have discovered recently is TextGrid.

We've added full support, in Enveloop, for sending SMS and MMS messages via the TextGrid platform.

It's simple to get started -- here's how to do it!

Setting up TextGrid

Once you have created and logged into your TextGrid account:

  1. Choose the TextGrid Account you want to use (normally, this is the main account).
  2. Access your Account SID and your Auth Token.

Setting up a Phone Number in TextGrid

(If you have not set up a phone number in TextGrid yet, follow these steps as part of the setup process.)

Now that you are logged into TextGrid and you have created and accessed your authentication information for TextGrid, you'll need to add a phone number.

  1. From your Main Account dashboard, click Phone Number.
  2. Select Buy a Number.
  3. Select the Area Code, enter a three digit area code, and search for numbers.
  4. Find a phone number you like and click Buy. (Assumes you added a payment method on TextGrid)

The phone number will be available in Enveloop once you add your TextGrid authentication settings in the following steps.

Setting up Enveloop to use TextGrid

After logging into your Enveloop account:

Sending SMS/MMS messages via Enveloop is available starting with our Starter plans and above. Let us know if we can help!
  1. Open the Team and Project you want use TextGrid for sending messages from.
  2. Select Settings from the navigation on the left.
  3. Using the tabs at top, select Integrations.
  4. Click Setup for TextGrid.

Once this is pulled up, you can add in the Account SID and the Auth Token that you accessed from your TextGrid account (in the previous steps).

Adding Default Number

Now that you have this account information configured, the available Default From Numbers will populate in the dropdown. Select the number you want to use when sending messages from this Enveloop project.

Boom, done!

That's it! You are set up and any text messages you send through your Enveloop project. We'd love to help you get started. It's free to sign up for Enveloop and if you have any questions, reach out to us at: